Columbia River Salmon Fishing Charter

Fishing for Salmon on the Columbia River

The Columbia River offers some of the best salmon fishing in the world with regular runs twice each year. Fishing for salmon on the Columbia is a nice change from fishing for them in the sea off the Oregon coast as you don't have problems getting sea sick.

Captain Don starts fishing for salmon from 6 am to 2 pm from a variety of locations in the Columbia river. He stays constantly aware of where the fish are and the most current techniques and lures/baits to use to get the most salmon.

Tips for Fishing Salmon on The Columbia River

Captain Don normally fishes for salmon from Astoria all the way to the Columbia River Gorge. Salmon fishing on the Columbia river can be extremely productive, but the salmon only run during specific times of the year. For the best luck, try to book your trip between March to April for the spring salmon or between August to November for the fall salmon. There are three types of salmon you may catch: chinook, coho or chum. The most common are chinook and coho.

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