Oregon Coast Salmon Fishing Charter

Deep Sea Salmon Fishing on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon coast offers incredible deep sea fishing for coho (silver) and chinook (king) salmon. Normally the fish are found within a couple miles of the shore, so it's a great day trip to go after salmon.

Captain Don starts fishing for salmon from 6 am to 2 pm from a variety of locations along the coast including Newport, Depoe Bay, Tillamook and Astoria. He stays constantly aware of where the fish are and the most current techniques and lures/baits to use to get the most salmon.

Tips for Fishing Sturgeon on The Columbia River

Captain Don's favorite place to go after salmon is from Depoe Bay. When preparing for deep sea fishing it's important to remember it will normally be cold out on the water so remember to bring plenty of warm clothes. You should also prepare for the chance of sea sickness. Taking medicine like Dramamine the night before and the morning of can really be a lifesaver while out on the open ocean.

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