Oregon Coast Halibut Fishing Charter

Deep Sea Halibut Fishing on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon coast offers incredible halibut fishing. This is a quota-based fishery governed by the National Marine Fishing Service. The season goes between May to August with trips only happening on select days.

Deep sea halibut fishing is one of the most popular charters that Captain Don provides, so please reach out in advance if you are interested.

Tips for Halibut Fishing on The Oregon Coast

Halibut are large, strange-looking fish famous for their delicious, white meat. Halibut is found further from that shore than salmon or bottom fish. It's best to prepare by dressing warm and taking action against sea sickness. Each day an angler can take home one halibut which will provide four large fillets depending on the size of the fish. A total of six halibut can be harvested in a singe season by each person. Most halibut caught on Captain Don's boat average 35-75 lbs.

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